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General Auto Electrics
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General Auto Electrics can make repairs to the wiring and electrical features of a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • prestige and conventional passenger cars
  • commercial vehicles
  • trucks, trailers and caravans
  • motorcycles

If it’s on the road and has auto-electrical trouble, we can fix it. Contact us today to book an inspection.


If your vehicle is having trouble starting or if your on-board instruments aren’t working properly, it’s likely to be an issue with your vehicle’s electrical systems. We’re able to service, repair and replace faulty auto-electrical components, including starter motors and alternators, and recommend the right replacement electrical components from our comprehensive range of Bosch products.

Contact us┬átoday if your car’s experiencing electrical troubles.


Usually, when a fault develops in your vehicle, your dashboard will light up with warnings and indicators. In many occasions, however, it’s not exactly clear where the fault is. That’s where a reputable auto-electrical workshop like General Auto Electrics comes into play.

We use the latest in diagnostic equipment and scan tools to isolate auto-electrical faults in your vehicle and repair them, solving potential issues with essential vehicle systems like ABS brakes, power steering, central locking and body electrics such as lights and indicators.

Contact us today to troubleshoot your vehicle’s wiring.


Without the proper power supply, you put your vehicle’s auto-electrical systems at risk, potentially draining your battery or even causing damage to your car’s essential features.

With a wide range of sizes available, we can recommend a quality Bosch battery for any vehicle, whether you’re driving a passenger car or heavy-duty commercial vehicle.

For a consultation of your vehicle’s power needs, or to buy a new battery, contact us today!


If you’re having electrical trouble it might mean there’s a problem with your battery. As a Bosch Car Service Centre, we’re able to test your battery for problems, to make sure it meets your vehicle’s needs.

If your battery’s found to be lacking, we can replace it with a new one from our wide range of Bosch batteries, getting you and your vehicle back on the road with minimal fuss.

For a consultation of your vehicle’s power needs, or to buy a new battery, contact us today.


A blown or damaged headlight, taillight or indicator is more than a hazard to other drivers, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in fines. Every day on the road with poorly maintained lights is a gamble.

We have a wide range of replacement globes for vehicle lights and can replace blown bulbs for our customers if required.

To enquire about our range of replacement lighting products, contact us today.


With Australia’s unpredictable climate, having a properly functioning air conditioning system is vital to maintaining driver comfort.

We can conduct repairs on your air conditioning system, from replacing cracked and leaking hosing to swapping in new air conditioning units, before giving your system a re-gassing to ensure it’s in proper working order for the summer months.

If you’d like to book your vehicle in for an aircon service, contact us today.


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